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nuget package issue

Jun 5, 2013 at 5:03 AM
The nuget package for WPF Converters specifies a dependency on Kent.Boogaart.HelperTrinity >= 1.5.2 but because it is strongly named it needs exactly 1.5.2 or an assembly redirect. The assembly redirects can be added automatically by nuget but it only does this for projects that explicitly reference WPF Converters it seems.

At the moment (2013-06-05), nuget will download WPF Converters v1.3.1 and Kent.Boogaart.HelperTrinity v1.5.3 which actually do not work together without an assembly redirect in the application config file.

It would be better if WPF Converters specified the dependency as == 1.5.2 not >= 1.5.2.